Client Stories


Dalton Patterson & Company

G Note Management Services Limited has provided excellent administrative and management services that has transformed my office interactions and consistency with and on behalf of my clients.


Currently, I have engaged the company's services to facilitate capacity building and formal structure of my small business. clientele.

Broadcasting Commission.webp

The Broadcasting Commission

I am writing in the capacity of Senior Secretary to the Director of Human Resource Management and Administration at the Broadcasting Commission. The Commission has utilized Miss Saunders' (G Note Management Services Limited) services and I have participated in several workshops that she has facilitated.


The latest workshop held was on “Conflict Resolution for Business Productivity, the Exclusive Master Class” on April 20, 2021, where she disseminated clear, organized, and valuable information. Miss Saunders is always punctual, exhibits professionalism, and skilfully engages her participants in all of the workshops that I have attended

Electoral Commission of Jamaica.webp

Electoral Office of Jamaica

This serves to attest that Denise Saunders (G Note Management Services Limited) has been hosting training seminars, with members of staff of the Electoral Office of Jamaica on several occasions.


The training seminars were very informative and relevant to the needs of the organization. The methods of training used were selected and planned so as to garner participants involvements and interactions. Activities were also prepared with real life situations, so that each participant can participate and make relevant recommendations based on their experiences.


Ms. Saunders demonstrates a high level of professionalism and delivers her training accurately. I therefore recommend her (G Note) as a suitable trainer to any organization that requires their service

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Unique Weddings & Tours

We performed an extensive research before settling on a company that offers the professional services that we were look for to rebrand our company and revamp our company.


We are happy to document that after our first meeting with the GNMSL team we knew we had found the right company.


G Note Management Services Limited offers a powerful suite of services that they offer. The GNMSL team has been invaluable to us. We look forward to a long-term association.

SamAlec Logo.webp

SamAlec Enterprises

My brother and I decided to start a business during the Covid-19 pandemic. We knew the type of business we wanted to start, but we needed more information on how to go about making it happen legally, financially, and professionally.


We contacted G Note Management Services Limited, had a consultation, were comfortable with what we heard, impressed with their professionalism, and right after the meeting we signed on to have the G Note team as our business consultants.

They did our market research, business plan, and advised on avenues for funding. We are happy with the outcome, company registered, business has started, and we are happy with the outcome, company registered, business has started, and we are looking into other business opportunities. Thanks G Note Management Services Limited.


AsKar Enterprise Limited

After being in business for over 20 years, my business partner and I decided to go our separate ways, as such our company had not been in operation and taxes were piling up.


We contacted G Note Management Services and asked for help in officially closing the company. We received expert advice from the G Note team and the steps that would need to be taken in order to complete the process as painlessly as possible.


The professional team from G Note proceeded with our approval, started the process and my partner and I both agree that the team kept us in the loop, were efficient, and the process was completed in a timely manner.


I am opening another company and I will be using G Note Management Services Limited as my Business Consultant.

Start Up Robot Logo.webp

Start Up Robot

G Note Management Services Limited helped with challenge of formatting ideas in a way that was productive to my client.


Their assistance allowed me to do what I was good at (problem solving out loud). My client was happy with G Note's output, as such I have been receiving call backs from this client with additional work to be done.