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Mediation & Conflict Resolution

Couple in Mediation
Image by Afif Kusuma
Image by TienDat Nguyen



Mediation and conflict resolution are types of dispute resolution often used to solve legal issues outside of the courtroom. While "conflict resolution" is a broad term that may describe a variety of different alternative dispute resolution methods, mediation refers to a specific process in which a neutral third party helps two warring sides come to a resolution on their own. Engaging in mediation and conflict resolution can help prevent a long and expensive legal battle by allowing both sides to approach the court with an equitable solution in place.


G Note is a mediation and conflict resolution service provider with experienced trained and certified mediators and conflict resolution management teams to help quell any and all internal conflict between co-workers, departments, or a systemic workplace culture conflict. Led by conflict resolution specialists and experienced business consultants, we design conflict analyses and interventions to reduce organizational conflict and build healthy, sustainable, and productive cultures. 


We are a full-service peacebuilding team that can manage the entire process for any organization, from analysis through transformation with a team of experts and peacebuilders who provide elite conflict transformation services. G Note wants persons to know that when they select one of our mediators or conflict resolution managers, they are procuring the services of a quality professional who has the skills to assist them in resolving their dispute.


Our aim is to partner with the champions HR departments as part of the process is to recognize and to make HR’s job both easier and more effective, and to develop processes of change that HR can use autonomously in the future. This helps not just the organization as a whole function more cooperatively, but the HR department specifically function as a model department within the organization and among competing organizations’ HR departments.


Settling disputes through mediation can be faster, cheaper and can leave both parties in a better state of mind over the agreed decision. Our team of expert mediators will guide the parties through the mediation process to try to make it as straightforward as they can in the hope and expectation that it will be possible to reach a compromise acceptable to everyone.

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