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Meet The Team

Working Together on Project

Our team works at the highest level of efficiency and reacts responsively to our projects. At times where additional effort is required to serve our clients and customers, the G Note team is quick to step in at a moment's notice.


Developing our team is important to the G Note formulae of success and though each professional has over a decade's experience in their chosen field, continuous development is our culture. At G Note, we believe that teamwork, like client delivery, is a social intelligence competency. This is the ability to work with others towards a shared goal – your goal.

We contribute to elevating your competence and capacity and are committed to effort and strategy results as agreed with you, our client. To execute efficiently, we use time management best practices, healthy listening habits, critical-thinking and leadership. We are in your service. Let’s Get It Done, Together.

Staff Meeting
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Denise Saunders

Director of Operations & Training Provider

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Adam Packer

Business Development Consultant

Project Management Specialist

Training Provider

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Millicent Lynch

Chief People Officer &

Training Provider

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Kim Morrison

Senior Marketing & Sales Manager

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